Thursday, February 16, 2012

[lyrics] yume no kakera

Fragment of the dream

You took my hand, connected our little fingers
and then you said "It's a promise"

It looks like playing with building bricks
After some time I realized that it's breaking
I'm continuously afraid of the tomorrow

It seems to be real, I'm mixed up
in a focus, bending
I don't avoid the eyes, only now

I piled the fragments of the dream the evening sky twinkled
I cried with you, laughed with you and looked for hope.

I hold the changing dream in my arms the overflowing memory
No matter when, but tie the endless stars together

I closed my eyes, started to run
and returned to you "It's a promise"

It seems to be real, I'm mixed up
in a focus, bending
I don't avoid the eyes, only now

The sky fragment came from over there, the dream I chased with you
The caught answer is, it seems to be sand...disappearing.

You let the tears flow and the heart has stopped crying
After the rain it's going to be beautiful, it's going to be clear

I'm going to remember every single thing forever. You and I have had the same dream.

Just a little, after a little it's okay... Please also show me your smile in bad times

It seems to be real, I'm mixed up
in a focus, bending
I don't avoid the eyes, only now

I hold the changing dream in my arms the overflowing memory
No matter when, but tie the endless stars together

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

interview in [zilling Vol. 3]

LANDZ interview in zilling Vol. 3 (Feb. 2012)

1.       name and part
towa: towa/ vocal
haru: haru/ guitar
Akito: Akito/ guitar
Shin: Shin/ bass
2.       birthday/ blood type/ shoe size
towa: 03.31/ B/ 24.5~27cm
Akito: 11.27/ A/ 27cm
haru: 08.20/ A/ 26.5cm
Shin: 02.20/ B/ 25~27cm
3.       describe yourself in 3 words
towa: tired, sleep, sleeping
Akito: hot, calm, womanizer
haru: tired, flabby, cat
Shin: vampirism, devil, angel?
4.       weak points (also your way to talk)
towa: chewing on things
Akito: I chase after eyes of pretty women
haru: I bite inside my mouth
Shin: “I’m Shin
5.       Do you smoke? If so, how much in one day?
towa: I don’t smoke
Akito: I always say I smoke but actually I don’t
haru: Marlboro. softpack, 20 pieces a day
6.       What do you always carry with you when going for a walk?
towa: mobile phone, wallet, notebook, perfume, VO5, some supplies
Akito: my guitar pics
haru: cigarettes
Shin: wallet, mobile, cigarettes
7.       Do you prefer text messages? Or do you rather call?
towa: it’s difficult for me to text, so I rather call- Mobile phones are a pain for me in general, so I prefer to see people
Akito: could you please stop to ask this? I prefer the mobile phone.
haru: to call, but after 10 minutes I drop
Shin: I also write letters and telegrams as well
8.       What is on your mobile phone?
towa: almost nothing
Akito: I prefer nothing~!
haru: such things disturb, so I don’t put anything on it.
Shin: Do you talk about condomes?
9.       What is the first thing you do after waking up?
towa: sleep again
Akito: flirt
haru: I’m on edge
Shin: think about the day
10.   What’s the first thing you do when coming home?
towa: going to bed
Akito: wash my hands, gurgle
haru: smoke
Shin: think about the day
11.   Your memories on Valentines Day?
towa: I have many bittersweet memories on it
Akito: I’ve been getting many chocolate
haru: nothing
Shin: girls confessed their love to me.
12.   I can’t live without that!! What’s ‘that’ for you?
towa: buying clothes
Akito: flirting
haru: chewing
Shin: smoking and doing my hair
13.   What do you consider as happy time for yourself?
towa: the times when I sing
Akito: when womanizing
haru: when I finished a song
Shin: when people liked our concert
14.   What do you like to eat when it’s cold?
towa: my tongue is sensitive to heat, so I don’t like to eat hot stuff
Akito: Takoyaki and Nabe, I’d like to eat it with you. Really… (laugh)
haru: spicy ramen
Shin: I like to drink
15.   What have you been doing recently?
towa: buying an iPhone
Akito: flirting
haru: composing songs
Shin: Why do you like this…
16.   What have you been imitating recently?
towa: LANDZ concerts
Akito: how to look cool when eating spaghetti
haru: guitar performance
Shin: stage performance
17.   What’s your favourite type (no matter of gender)?
towa: the person should love and take good care of me
Akito: a girl who can keep a promise once she made one although times might be tough, who can express her feelings accurate
haru: a nice person
Shin: different from me, but not egoistic
18.   On the members I like [insert here]
towa: that everyone loves LANDZ
Akito: everyone is stupid in a funny way
haru: that everyone is highly motivated
Shin: I love that everyone is nice
19.   What do you like on yourself?
towa: when something bad happened and I go to sleep I often forget about it
Akito: that I still love my fans
haru: tell me
Shin: surprisingly my real character
20.   Tell us your 3 most recent catchy tunes
towa: abingdon boys school [INNOCENT SORROW]/ BIG BANG [MY HEAVEN]/ UVERworld [earthy world]
Akito: secret
haru: LANDZ [infinity]/ [NO FUTURE]/ [You&I]
Shin: usually I don’t listen to music
21.   Which skill do you have?
towa: skill? What’s that
Akito: I’m good at hooking up girls
haru: I mix the songs of LANDZ
Shin: I’m the producer
22.   What do you like to do on free days?
towa: looking for beauty goods, sleeping regularly, buying new clothes, watching Anime
Akito: opening the AT fold completely!!
haru: lazing around
Shin: every day is a holiday, so the same as usual
23.   What do you want to do the most right now?
towa: grab my talent to dream
Akito: Y-O-U
haru: time and talent
Shin: I have everything I want at the moment, so nothing
24.   Tell us about recent annoying happenings
towa: I wanted an iPhone, but my carrier is DoCoMo. So I went to Softbank to get the iPhone but instead of the Softbank card I inserted my DoCoMo one (laugh)
Akito: Shin persistently tried to buy me a new car… This was really annoying
haru: tomorrow’s weather
Shin: nothing annoys me
25.   Message
towa: Thanks for reading till the end. Please also support us in future!
Akito: I don’t want to reveal anything. Therefore I’m going to keep my mouth shut.
haru: I count on your support
Shin: Thanks go to the fans for everything