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Your frequently asked questions are going to be answered here.

(1) Who are the persons behind LANDZ WORLDWIDE?
The only person behind LANDZ WORLDWIDE is Manachan (as マナちゃん♪姫). 

(2) What was LANDZ WORLDWIDE founded for?
LANDZ WORLDWIDE was founded for posting news, such as releases, concerts etc. After some time we started to offer other services, like help guides for purchasing tickets.

(3) Do you provide any downloads?
No, I'm sorry. Please buy their CD's to support them!

(4)a Will you translate some lyrics?
I translate some songs from time to time. I've translated all PV's and You&I so far.
(4)b Where can I watch your English subs?
You can watch it on my Youtube channel (^_^)! Click here

(5) Where do you get all those comments from?
Some are external bonuses for the first press, others are from homepages such as from the Zy. magazine.

(6) I want some merchandise!! Is there a possibility to order online?
Unfortunately not, not even Japanese can do because LANDZ don't have an online store.

(7) How can I get an autograph from my favourite member?
You'll need to attend an instore event. I'm sorry to tell you, but they won't send you autographs,even if you put a stamped envelope inside.

(8) What are instore events?
An instore event is a Meet & Greet. In Japan, there are different kinds of instore events:
-photo: you line up and can take a photo with the band, bringing your own camera
-Q&A, handshake: There's a Q&A session and then you line up for shaking hands
-Q&A, handshake, sign: Here you get your autograph. It's same as above, but including autographs.
The stores holding an event indicate on their homepage and inside the store which kind it's going to be. Furthermore, LANDZ also tells us on their OHP.

(9) Do you also translate blog entries?
It would be too much to translate every single blog entry. I'm just an university student(^_^;). However, if you have a certain blog entry you want to have translated, please inbox me. You can find my mail address and the facebook link in the 'contact' tab on the top of the page. Please always leave your nickname, so that I can indicate your name somewhere in the post. Please note as well, that, if you choose the facebook as a contact method, write a message and don't comment a wall post.

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