How to get LANDZ tickets

eplus: an online way to get tickets. Requires Japanese mobile SIM card.

LAWSON: If there is an L-code, just go to the machine in any LAWSON convenience store and press the button [Lコード]. Now enter the code and if there are available tickets left, it will ask you to enter your name (once normal, once in hiragana) and an address in Japan (hotel address is enough!). It prints you a receipt which is NOT!!! the ticket. Finally, please go to the  cashier and present the receipt. They will ask for your payment and then print your ticket.

Like an Edison: Like an Edison tickets [ライカエジソン] you get in the Shinjuku branch of Like an Edison (also named TOKYO branch), or Nagoya (if live is in CHUBU region) and Osaka (lives in KANSAI/KINKI region). LaE Shinjuku is on 1st and 2nd floor, please go upstairs to the 2nd floor. Besides tickets, you will also get magazines there.

livehouse: You can always  call the live house and get tickets directly :D

ticket PIA: For the PIA-code [ぴあ], please look for a ticket PIA [チケットぴあ] agency, go there and tell them the code (alternatively, if you don't speak Japanese, write the number on a piece of paper). Then pay and recieve the ticket.

Please note, that for ALL tickets in Japan a 500 Yen extra fee [drink fee] is compulsory. You pay it once you enter the live house. If you don't pay the 500 Yen you will NOT get inside!!

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