Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This World PV

Since my CD copies arrived today, I sat on my computer the whole evening and can now proudly present you the subtitled version of 'This World' ^__^

Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to order from Brand-X

Hello LANDZ fans,

I guess you've heard about Brand-X already?
It's a Visual Kei- themed store in Ikebukuro, kind of similar to the Like an Edison shops.
Now, when new singles are released, they often have special gimmicks, which are Brand-X only. For example, photos of the members, comment DVD's or posters. In addition, they often hold Meet & Greets (so-called instore events).

They started to accept oversea orders some time ago. Moreover, it's also possible to reserve instore event tickets through an order!! Therefore, I'm going to explain you how to order from Brand-X.

1) Make sure you have a PayPal account!!

2)  Enter LANDZ into the empty field (marked as (1) on the photo) and click on the button right next to it.

3) Now the page looks like this:

4) Scroll down until you found what you're looking for. As an example, we'll use 'This World'

5) Click on the LEFT button, it means 'put into your shopping cart'

6) I decided for the DVD version, which costs 1890 JPY.
a)In the shopping cart, you read your list like this: CD cover- full CD name- unit price- quantity - full price of the CD.
b)You can adjust the quantity by simply choosing the right amount from the dropdown and click the button below the dropdown!!
c)The link beneath the CD cover means 'continue shopping. However if a CD has multiple versions, you'll find the other available versions on the bottom of the shopping cart page (as seen on the screenshot). If you click the button beneath it, you'll add it to your list.

7) Now that I have everything I want, I'm going to continue the chek-out. Since it's the first time to order, I decide between the two buttons at the bottom. The left one means 'register', the right one means 'guest check out'

8) I took guest chek-out. The FIRST thing to do: open the 2nd dropdown box (5th field from the top) and choose the very last option. It means 'other country than Japan'. Because then, the compulsory fields are going to change a little!!

9) You see, you don't need the 2nd field from top any more (^_^). Now, take the 1st dropdown box (3rd field from the top) and select your country.

10) I'm not from Iceland, but for the test order, I chose a random country. All fields with an exclamation mark must be filled.
a- your full name
b- not needed
c- already filled out
d- your street and building number
e- any additions like c/o etc.
f- any additions like c/o etc.
g- post code/ ZIP
h- your E-Mail address
i- repetition of the E-Mail address
j- your telephone number. NO country code. Make sure to use all 3 fields provided. So, split your number up.
k- not needed
l- if you want the newsletter, tick the left box. Otherwise the right.

Now, click on the right button at the bottom.

11) Time for the shipping method!! Take EMS inside the dropdown list.

12) If you will attend the Meet & Greet. If you don't, ignore this step. Click on the dropdown box on the right and click the first choice. There are two. In the comment field, how many will attend. NOTE: 1 CD=1 person!!

13) The next boxes, we don't need. They are just some questions about how you get to know about releases, if you read music magazines etc. The important thing is the box AT THE END. They ask you, how they can contact you. It's okay to simply write 'e-mail'. And don't forget to remind them that you'll use PAYPAL. Then click the right button.

14) Time for payment!! We take the first method. Click on the right button.

15) Almost done!! You can see everything on one page now. Scroll down and press the right button.

Your order is being processed now. You get an automatic generated Japanese receipt. When they took a look at it, they will send you an ENGLISH invoice in Paypal. Please pay it.
You're done now!!! They're going to send it as soon as possible!!!!